Cosmic Party Television Commercial
The Cosmic Bowling Television campaign was developed to promote a newly refurbished bowing complex based in Wollongong Australia. The new refurbishments features a sofisticated light show and spacy theme. Some bowling alleys had special bumpers that could be raised up to stop kiddies bowling balls from entering the gutters.


What Do You Think of When Someone Says Animation?

When we think of 2-D drawn animation we mainly think of the paper and cell eg the Disney style. However the field of drawn animation covers a multitude of expressions including painting on glass, cut outs, charcoal and even sand on glass. Now with cost effective modern equipment various techniques can be used together for example cell drawn animation mixed with stop-motion animation. Bunyan Films utilizes the affordable power of the Apple Macintosh combined with a suite of sophisticated software. The possibilities are endless.

Bomaderry Bowling Club Television Commercial

For eight years Bunyan Films has developed characters, television commercials and print designs for Bomaderry Bowling Club. Now over the years of this sustain and highly successful integrated commercial campaign the club has prospered and is affectionately known as "The Camel Club" by it's local patrons
Featured here is one of the latest television commercials produced for Bomaderry Bowling Club. This commercial was designed to launch the new multimillion dollar extensions to the club building.


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