Roymac 170B Acrylic Applications
170B2 No.2
170B4 No. 4
170B6 No. 6
170B8 No. 8
170B10 No 10
170B12 No. 12

   Roymac 170KF Acrylic Applications
170KF4 No.4
170KF6 No.6
170KF10 No.10

   Roymac 170R Acrylic Applications
170R2 No. 2
170R4 No.4
170R6 No.6
170R8 No.8
170R10 No 10
Artist Quality Bright (Finest Hog)
102B2 No.2 Oils/Acrylics
102B4 No.4
102B6 No.6
102B8 No.8
102B10 No.10
102B12 No.12

   Artist Quality Filbert (Finest Hog)
103FIL2 No.2 Oils/Acrylics
103FIL4 No.4
103FIL6 No.6
103FIL8 No.8

   Artist Quality Round (Finest Hog)
105R2 No.2 Oils/Acrylics
105R4 No.4
105R6 No.6
105R8 No.8
105R10 No.10
105R12 No.12

   Old Master Pure Kolinsky Sable OM6079
OM607902 No.2
Raphael Kolinsky Red Sable 8404
84043 No.3
Raphael Series Kolinsky Sable Quill 16684
166843 No.3
  Raphael 8224 Nylon Rigger 6/0
R82246/0 Raphael 8224 Nylon Rigger 6/0
  Raphael 8244 Filbert
R82442 82442 Filbert Golden Nylon W/Clr #2
R82444 82444 Filbert Golden Nylon W/Clr #4
Art Basics Series 265B Short Wash
265B6 No.6 Watercolour Wash
265B8 No.8
265B12 No.12
Art Basics Series 967A Angular Shader
967A1/8 Series 967A 1/8
967A1/4   Series 967A 1/4 
967A3/8  Series 967A 3/8 
967A1/2  Series 967A 1/2
Art Basics 4185 Goat Hair Hake
41852 No.2 W/C Wash & Glazing
41853 No 3
41854 No.4
41856 No.6
Golden Nylon Round Water Colour
665R000 No.000 Oil, Gouache, Acrylic & Folk Art
665R00 No.00
665R0 No.0
665R1 No.1
665R2 No.2
665R3 No.3
665R4 No.4
665R6 No.6
665R8 No.8
665R10 No.10
665R12 No.12
Art Basics Golden Nylon Short Flat W/Clr
1162B1/8 No 1/8
1162B3/8 No 3/8
Art Basics 1365R Golden Nylon Rigger
1365R5/0 No.5/0 Fine Work, W/C, Acrylic & Oil
1365R3/0 No.3/0
1365R0 No.0
1365R2 No.2
1365R4 No.4
1365R6 No.6
Golden Nylon Liner 130R 000
130R 3/0  130R #000
OMFAN 2 No.2
OMFAN 4 No.4
OMFAN 6 No.6
OMFAN 8 No.8
Old Master Rake
OMRAKE3/8 No.3/8
OMRAKE1/2 No.1/2
Roymac 2870B Comb
28703/4 Roymac 2870B Comb #3/4
28701 Roymac 2870B Comb #1
Deerfoot Stippler
TM85904 No 4 Deerfoot Stippler 859
93171/8 #2 Deerfoot Stippler 9317 1/8
93173/8 #5 Deerfoot Stippler 9317 3/8
93171/2 #6 Deerfoot Stippler 9317 1/2
Calligraphy Sumi AB 200R
AB200R2 #2
AB200R6 #6
AB200R10 #10


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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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