Canvas Products

Code Description
   Fredrix Stretched Canvas
FS1210 12x10 each
FS2016 20x16" each
FS2420 24x20" each
FS3020 30x20" each
FS3624 36x24" each
FS6036 60x36" each
FS3036 30x36" each
FS3648 36x48" each
  Fredrix Canvas Boards
FP0705 7x5 each
FP1210 12x10 each
FP1612 16x12 each
FP2218 22x18 each
FP2418 24x18 each
FP2822 28x22 each
FP3022 30x22 each
FP3024 30x24 each
FP3624 36x24 each
  Canvas By The Metre
  Primed Cotton Canvas
FX6070 TARA 70- 53" per metre
FX6122 YANKEE 122- 72" per metre
104TS Universal Primed 83" p/m (Linen Look)
  Unprimed Canvas
FX568 TARA 568-1069- 52" per metre
  Primed Linen Canvas
FX6588 GALICIA 588SP 54" per metre
CLAE68 Claessens No.68 Linen
  Lightweight Stretcher Bars
FXSB10 10"
FXSB12 12"
FXSB18 18"
FXSB20 20"
FXSB22 22"
FXSB24 24"
FXSB30 30"
FXSB36 36"
FXSB48 48"
 FXSB54 54"
FXSB60 60"
  Canvas Accessories
TCANPL Tara Canvas Straining Pliers Heavy Duty
CANPFR Canvas Straining Pliers Heavy Duty

 Canvas Pliers

Heavy weight and professional quality hoop pine and cedar stretcher bars are available on request

All Prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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