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Soap Stone (Talc Stone)

Soap Stone or Talc Stone is a wonderful natural sculpting material that has be utilised around the world for thousands of years.
It is a fantastic material for both beginners and experienced artists alike to sculpt.
Using an easy to handle natural stone to carve and sculpt is a great way to build artistic confidence and skills with excellent first time results.
Although excellent for the beginner, soap stone is an amazing material for sculptors of any experience level to create with.
Soap stone carving promotes creative thinking and aesthetic decision making as the sculptor tries to realise a form within the piece of natural stone provided.

Once the carved piece is smoothed or polished the stone can be treated with bees wax, wax polish or oil to enrich the natural colours of the stone often appearing like a type of jade or marble.
Soap Stone has unique properties of being naturally water proof where no cracks or fissures are present in the piece.


Make Your Mark Art Supplies now has various coloured varieties of Soapstone. here are a few samples

Reddish coloured Soapstone
Lime Green Soapstone
North American Blue Soapstone
Serpentine (slightly harder stone than Soapstone)


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