Code Product
   Willow Charcoal
BW020 Medium Sticks 5 pack Clear Tube
BW010 Medium Sticks 25 pack
BW010ea Medium Sticks each
BW001 Thin pack 10
BW001ea Thin each
BW014 Thick pack 10
BW014ea Thick each
  Faber Castell Compressed Charcoal
 FCPCCES Extra Soft Pitt Pack 12
 FCPCCESea Extra Soft Pitt each
FCPCCS Soft Pitt Pack 12
FCPCCSea Soft Pitt each
FCPCCM Medium Pitt Pack 12
FCPCCMea Medium Pitt each
FCPCCH Hard Pitt pack 12
FCPCCHea Hard Pitt each
FCPCCEH Extra Hard Pitt pack 12
FCPCCEHea  Extra Hard Pitt each

Extra Soft




Extra Hard

   Conte Compressed Charcoal
CCCAST Assorted Pack of 12
CCCASTea each



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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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