Cutting Knives &Blades

  Palette Knives
 AB1020  Palette Knife 1020
AB1031 Palette Knife 1031
AB1014 Palette Knife 1014
AB1013 Palette Knife 1013
AB1018 Palette Knife 1018
  Art Spectrum Painting Knives
1010A #1 1010A #1
1003A #2 1003A #2
1014A #3 1014A #3

  Knives & Scalples
CUTMATA3 Cutting Mat Art Basics A3
CUTMATA4 Cutting Mat Art Basics A4
CUTMATA2 A/B Cutting Mat A2

EXSCISS Excel Decoupage Scissors
EXSCAH Scalpel Handel
EXK1LK K1 Light Duty Knife
EXK18LK K18 Grip On Light Duty Knife
  Excel Blades 
EXK1LB K1 Light Duty Blades 5pk
EXSCAB Scalpel Stainless Steel Blades each
  Dexter Matcutter
DXMC03 Matcutter & Blades
  Dexter Blades
DXMCB5 Dexter Mattcutter blades 5
  Mini Mat Cutter Blades
MATCB Mini Cutter Blades 5



Other cutting devices are available on request

All Prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

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