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Mediums - Acrylic
Matisse Mediums
MM10 MM10 Gesso 500ml
MM10L MM10 Gesso 1L Pail
MM2 MM2 Impasto Medium 250ml
MM4 MM4 Gel Medium 250ml
MM5 MM5 Matt Medium 250ml
MM6 MM6 Pol Matt Var (wb) 250ml
MM7 MM7 Pol Gloss Var (wb) 250ml
MM8 MM8 Spreader Medium 250ml
MM9 MM9 Painting Medium 250ml

Jo Sonja Mediums

JS1FLM Jo Sonja Flow Medium 250ml
JS1GTM Glass & Tile Medium 250ml
JS1CKM Crackle Medium 250ml
JS1DCM Decor Crackle Medium 250ml
JS1RAM  Retarder Medium 250ml 
JS1PUV Polyurethane Satin water based Varnish 250ml
JS1SBM  Stroke & Blend Medium 250ml
JS1ASPS  All Purpose Sealer 250ml
JS1PUG Polyurethane Water Based Gloss 250ml
JS2PUG  Polyurethane Water Based Gloss 1Lt
JS1KLM Kleister Medium 250ml
JS1GLM Clear Glazing Medium 250ml
Mediums & Varnish - Oil

Winsor & Newton
WNOP060 Oleopasto W & N 60ml
WNLQ075 Liquin W & N 75ml each
WNLQ250 Liquin W & N 250ml each
WNWG037 W & N Wingel 37ml each
WNCL075 W&N Cold Pressed Linseed Oil 75ml
WNSL075 Stand Linseed Oil 75ml
WNMF075 W&N Masking Fluid 75ml each
Art Spectrum
ASPM1100 Painting Medium No.1 100ml
ASPM1500 Painting Medium No.1 500ml
ASPM11LIT Painting Medium No.1 1ltr
ASPM2100 Painting Medium No.2 100ml
ASPM2500 Painting Medium No.2 500ml
ASPM21LIT Painting Medium No.2 1ltr
ASPM3100 Painting Medium No.3 100ml
ASPM3500 Painting Medium No.3 500ml
ASPM31LIT Painting Medium No.3 1ltr
ASPM4100 Painting Medium No.4 100ml
ASPM4500 Painting Medium No.4 500ml
ASDV100 A S Damar Varnish 100ml each
ASDV500 A/S Damar Varnish 500ml
ASDV1LIT A S Damar Varnish 1Ltr
ASDAM500 A S Damar Crystals 500grms
ASRSG500 Rabbit Skin Glue 500G
MF1 Art Spectrum Masking Fluid 100ml
GA50 Art Spectrum Gum Arabic 50ml
GG1 A/S Painting Gel 150ml
ODS5 A S Odourless Solvent 500ml
ODS1 A S Odourless Solvent 100ml
ASCIT100 A/S Citrus Turps 100ml
ASCIT500 A/S Citrus Turps 500mls
ASCIT1L A/S Citrus Turps 1Ltr
ASGUM1L A/S Pure Gum Turps 1Ltr
ASGUM500 A/S Pure Gum Turps 500mls
ASAC5 A/S Organic Art Clean 500ml
ASAC1 A/S Organic Art Clean 1 Ltr
Gum Turpentine
ABGT100 100ml
ABGT200 200ml
ABGT500 500ml
ABGT2.5 2.5Ltr


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