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Paints -Acrylic
Matisse Structure Acrylic 75ml
MS+Col+S S1 ea
MS+Col+S S2 ea
MS+Col+S S3 ea
Matisse Structure Acrylic 250ml
MS+Col+M S1 ea
MS+Col+M S2 ea
MS+Col+M S3 ea
MB+Col Matisse B/Ground Acrylic 250ml
Jo Sonja's Artist Acrylic Paints
JOS75+Col Series 1
JOS75+Col Series 2

Paints - Gouache
Art Spectrum Gouache
ASGOUS06 Art Spectrum Gouache set of 6 colours Pictured below

ASGOUS12 Art Spectrum Gouache set of 12 colours Pictured below

Paints - Oil
Windsor & Newton Oils 37ml
WW+Col S1 ea
WW+Col S2 ea
WW+Col S3 ea
WW+Col S4 ea
WOTIWH40 Titanium White 120ml
Art Spectrum Oils 40ml Tubes
ASOC0401+col Series 1
ASOC0402+col Series 2
ASOC0403+col Series 3
ASOC0404+col Series 4
ASOC0405+col Series 5
ASOW1 A/S Titanium White 150ml tube S1
ASOCW5 A/S Oil Paint 500ml Titanium White
ABTIWH Art Basics Titanium White Oil Paint 150ml
Paints - Watercolours
Winsor & Newton
WW+Col S1 14ml Tube
WW+Col S2 14ml Tube
WW+Col S3 14ml Tube
WW+Col S4 14ml Tube
AS+Col Series 1 7.5ml
AS+Col Series 3 7.5ml
AS+Col Series 4 7.5ml
P73506 Pelikan Opaque W/C set 6
Painting Kits
Watercolour Sets
WWCSPSB W&N Cotman W/Colour Sketching Set 12
 WNCWC24  W&N Cotman W/Colour Set 24 h/pans
WS2 Art Spectrum W/Colour Set 12 x 7.5ml Tubes

   Oil Sets
WNWINO W&N Winton Oil Colour Set
SOS9 A/S Student Oil Set of 9 40ml


Please Call (+61 2) 4443 3662 or Fax (61 2) 4443 2336 to order colours not appearing on this list.

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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Paint Colours and Codes

Please Refer to these codes when ordering colours

Windsor & Newton Oils 37ml  
Series 1  
WOINRE Indian red
WOLIRE Light Red
WOTIWH20 Titanium White
Series 2  
WOALCR Alizarin Crimson
WOFRUL French Ultramarine
WOINYE Indian Yellow
Series 3  
WOVIRI Viridian
Series 4  
WOCOBL Cobalt Blue
WOLEYH Lemon Yellow Hue
Art Spectrum Oil Colours 40ml Tubes  
Series 1  
ASOC0401BS Burnt Sienna
ASOC0401BU Burnt Umber
ASOC0401LB Lamp Black
ASOC0401PR Prussian blue
ASOC0401RU Raw Umber
ASOC0401V Spectrum Vermilion
ASOCY Spectrum Yellow
ASOC0401TVT Terre Verte Traditional
ASOC0401W Titanium White
ASOCO401UB Ultramarine Blue
ASOC0401YO Yellow Ochre
ASOC0401Z Zinc White
ASOC1W5 Titanium White 500ml
Series 2  
ASOC0402TG Transparent Gold Oxide
ASOC0402LI Lilac
Series 3  
ASOC0403FU French Ultramarine
ASOC0403OX Oxide of Chromium
ASOC0403MG Permanent Magenta
ASOC0403TQ Turquoise
ASOAB Aust Leaf Green Dark
ASOAL Aust Leaf Green Light
ASORG Aust Red Gold
Series 4  
ASOC0404RE Cadmium Red
ASOC0404YE Cadmium Yellow
ASOC0404CE Cerulean Blue
ASOC0404CB Cobalt Blue
Series 5  
ASOC0405RMA Rose Madder
Winsor & Newton Water Colours 14ml Tubes  
Series 1  
WWPAGRL Payne's Gray
WWPRBLL Prussian blue
WWALCRL Alizarin Crimson
WWBRREL Bright Red
WWBUUML Burnt Umber
WWCHWHL Chinese White
WWHOGDL Hookers Green Dark
WWINREL Indian red
WWINYEL Indian Yellow
WWIVBLL Ivory Black
WWRASIL Raw Sienna
WWWIVIL Winsor Violet
WWYEOCL Yellow Ochre
Series 2  
WWFRULL French Ultramarine
Series 3  
WWCEBLL Cerulean Blue
WWLEYEL Lemon Yellow
WWVIRIL Viridian
Series 4  
WWCAREL Cadmium Red
WWCAYEL Cadmium Yellow
WWCOBLL Cobalt Blue
Matisse Structure Artist Acrylic  
Series 1  
MSMABLS Mars Black
MSTIWHS Titanium White
MSBUUMS Burnt Umber
MSBUSIS Burnt Sienna
MS7YO Yellow Oxide
Series 2  
MSPHBLS Pthalo Blue
MSULBLS Ultramarine Blue
MSPAGRS Payne's Grey
MSHOGRS Hookers Green
MSCHGOS Chrome Green Oxide
Series 3  
MSCAYMS Cadmium Yellow Mid
MSVERMS Vermilion
MSCARMS Cadmium Red Medium
MSBRALS Brilliant Alizarin
MSCOBLS Cobalt Blue
MSCEBLS Cerulean Blue
Art Spectrum Artist's Designers Gouache 22.5ml Tubes  
ASGOUSR Poster Red
ASGOUSPRU Prussian blue
ASGOUSU Ultramarine Blue
ASGOUSCB Cobalt Blue
ASGOUSC Cerulean Blue
ASGOUSMG Middle Green
ASGOUSYO Yellow Ochre
ASGOUSBS Burnt Sienna
ASGOUSBU Burnt Umber
ASGOUSPY Primary Yellow
ASGOUSPR Primary Red
ASGOUSPB Primary Blue
ASGOUSCCYC Cadmium Yellow