CCRAY24  Conte Asst Crayons Pk 24
C82456B Conte White each
C82460B Conte Black each
COPASS48 Conte Sets Pk 48
COPASTS+Col Conte Crayons each
CSPAST48 Conte Soft Pastels Pk 48
CSPASTS Conte Soft Pastels each
FCPAS12 Faber-Castell Poly Pastels pk 12
FCPAS24 Faber-Castell Poly Pastels pk 24
Faber-Castell Pitt Crayons
FCPC12+WH White
FCPC12+BL Black
FCPC12+B.S Burnt Sanguine
FCPC12+U.S Unburnt Sanguine
FCPC12+E Earth Brown
FCPC12 Faber-Castell Pitt Crayons pk of 12

KFPS01 Art Basics Paper Stumps Sml
KFPS04 Art Basics Paper Stumps Med
KFPS06 Art Basics Paper Stumps Lge
ASPAST S1 Series 1 Pastels each (See colour list)
ASPAST S2 Series 2 Pastels each
ASPAST S3 Series 3 Pastels each

ASFLOWPAST AS Pastel set 30 flowers
ASSEAPAST AS Pastel set 30 seascape Pictured below

Col+2 Pastel Primer 250ml
Col+1 Pastel Primer 1ltr
ALPS12AS Alphacolour Assorted Pastels 12 pk
ALPHT12AS Alphacolour Hard Triangular Pastels
ALPH12ET Alphacolour Earth Tones Pastels 12 pk

For favourite colours or items not listed above

Please Call (+61 2) 4443 3662 or Fax (61 2) 4443 2336

Art Spectrum Soft Pastel Colour Codes

(Quote these when ordering please)

  Art Spectrum Artists Soft Pastels
548 T Burnt Sienna
552 T Burnt Umber
582 P Cool Grey
512 T Crimson
512 V Crimson
509 T Golden Yellow
599 P Lamp Black
546 P Light Red
546 T Light Red
530 P Phthalo blue
530 V Phthalo blue
504 V Spec Yellow
560 P Terre Verte
500 P Tit White
526 N Ultra blue
526 P Ultra blue
526 V Ultra blue
584 V Warm grey
540 T Yellow ochre
540 V Yellow ochre
572 P Yellow green
572 V Yellow green

Please contact us for a full listing of colours in the Art Spectrum range of Soft Pastels


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Prices are subject to change without notice.

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