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Product Product Code
Single Action Airbrushes     
Paasche F Hobby Kit PA2000F
Paasche H3 Airbrush PAH#3
Paasche H Hobby Kit PA2000H
Paasche H Set PAHSET
Double Action Airbrushes   
Paasche VL Hobby Kit PA2000VL
Paasche VL Set PAVLSET
Paasche VL Spares   

Metal Colour Cup 7ml PAVL1/4
 Bottle Assembly 28ml PAVL1OZ  

 Bottle Assembly 85ml PAV3OZ
Air cap VLA-1 PAVLA1
Air cap VLA-3 PAVLA3
Air cap VLA-5 PAVLA5
Air cap Body VBL PAVLB
Needle VLN-1 PAVLN1
Needle VLN-3 PAVLN3
Needle VLN-5 PAVLN5
Reamer VL-54 PAVL54
H/VL Model Wrench V-62 PAV62
Protecting Cap VL-118 PAVL118

Paasche VSR90 Set PAVSR90#1
Paasche VSR90 SPARES   
Needle VN1 - No1 PAVN1
Needle VN2 - No2 PAVN2
Tip No.1 PAVT1
Tip No.2 PAVT2
Air cap No.1 PAVA1
Air cap No.2 PAVA2
Head Protector Cap PAV189
Wrench PAV62

Descriptions of Airbrushes and Accessories

Single action or Double?

With a single-action airbrush the trigger button controls the airflow through the brush. The paint flow is controlled externally by an adjustable paint nozzle. These brushes have less parts which makes them easy to clean. Single-action airbrush's are good for most general painting tasks yet can be difficult to paint fine lines.


Double-action airbrushes, are designed with the trigger controlling both the airflow and the paint supply. Pushing down on the trigger varies the air valve whilst pulling back on the same trigger increases the paint flow. This gives maximum control for very fine work, these airbrushes allow for finer painting and line work. Although double-action airbrushes are more efficient instruments, they are more complicated and difficult to clean.


Paasche F Airbrush

Is a rugged, single action, external mix, siphon feed model. This allows independent control over the air and colour supply. The simplest model with the least number of parts. Suitable for light fluids eg. inks, dyes, stains etc.

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Paasche H3 Airbrush

Robust, single action, external mix, siphon feed model. Suitable for inks, dyes, stains, gouache, acrylic, varnishes etc.

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Paasche VL Airbrush

The VL Airbrush is a double action, internal mix, siphon feed model. This airbrush is one of the most versatile models available. This airbrush can achieve spray patterns from fine detail to broad coverage. This model can handle light fluid paints to heavy fluids.

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Paasche VSR90 Airbrush

The Paasche VSR90 Airbrush is a double action, internal mix, gravity feed model. This is a sturdy versatile airbrush with two needle sizes. Suitable for inks, dyes, light oils, watercolours, gouaches, strained/thinned acrylics.

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