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Build your Own Professional Canvases

Enjoyment on making a painting does not stop with the application of paint to a canvas. Some artists wish to immerse themselves in a total experience where constructing your own canvas stretcher is an integral part of the painting process.  


Casting, The easy Way

  LI-QUA-CHE' is a recycled paper fibre, polymer based compound that is not fire hardened. It air dries at ambient room temperature to a hard, durable, break resistant product. Low water content and a special manufacturing process allow for an increased number of castings with your plaster/ceramic molds. LI-QUACHE's viscosity provides for easy pourability and a satin, smooth exterior surface. The paper fibre's reinforcing action can be seen on the interior surface of each casting.  Created using Li-qua-che' Pourable Papier Mache'.

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 PPMP400 Pourable Mache' 474ml  $21.30


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