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During 2005 Home Ice Cream Pty Ltd approached Bunyan Films to devise a new advertising strategy for their entire product range. The company is well respected and is rapidly expanding. The new advertising strategy Bunyan Films tackled was to design from scratch a whole new look and feel for the company. This included all of Home Ice Cream's advertising portfolio. Bunyan Film's initial hurdle was to devise a signature theme song. While this was being developed Bunyan Films then created the new mascot "Delivery Dan". As Dan took shape the nostalgic Australian landscapes and town scenes were created by Antony Bunyan, Bunyan Films director. Once these elements were in place the concepts and art crossed over into print and web art.

The first Home Ice Cream commercial "Delivery Dan" hit the airwaves during the summer holidays of Christmas 2005. Home Ice Cream was overwhelmed with an enthusiastic and very positive response from their customers and the general public. The campaign continued over 2006 with the production of "White Heart" and "Catch of the Day". The "Catch of the Day"commercial featured a coastal town setting and again has had a huge popular impact on the company capturing Australia's imagination. Concepts and plans are already in production for 2007, so stay tuned for more adventures of "Delivery Dan".

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Home Ice Cream's

"Catch Of The Day" full animated commercial

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Home Ice Cream "Catch Of The Day"


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