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Contact Antony or Lyn, Phone: 02 4443 3662, Fax 02 4443 2336
International Phone:+ 61 2 4443 3662, Fax:+ 61 2 4443 2336.

Email: create@bunyanfilms.com.au

Bunyan Films are specialists in Stop-Motion animation and 2D drawn animation. We are producers of animation for television including commercials, television promotions or IDs and entire animated shows. We can produce title sequences for shows; music videos; In-store promotions; internet page construction, services and Flash animations; Multi-media production; Music composition; Storyboard design and artwork; Artwork for all situations; Model and Puppet construction.

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Bunyan Films caters for a market that requires high quality animation at an affordable price, no need to take out any alternative small business loans in order to receive great quality work from our team. We pride ourselves in offering our valued customers full packages. This means when you engage Bunyan Films we're able to complete a project from start to finish. In other words we're able help with concepts, storyboards and charter designs right through to out-putting the project to film, video or any multimedia platform you require. Alternatively we can commence work on a project at any stage. Being this flexible also means you get maximum value for money.

Bunyan Films comprises of a highly talented and creative team of professionals ranging from artists, animators, producers, music composers and computer technicians. If you want top quality animation at an affordable price then talk to us.

Please browse through our web site, be sure to check out the galleries featuring stills brilliant enough to be kept in picture frames from animations we've worked on, and experience the varied projects completed by Bunyan Films.


  • Production work for animated films and videos. Including model construction, armature construction, miniature set design and construction, Ink & Paint, Background artwork, computer compilation and effects.
  • Script / Storyboard / Character Designs for animated projects.
  • Producing for film projects including ; Organizing, Raising funds and capital, Production Schedules, budget preparation for productions and post production work.
  • Television commercials; fully animated or using animated elements.
  • Television "Fillers", short programmes (3 minutes duration) designed to fill gaps in programming time.
  • In-Store video promotions or product launches featuring elements of animation.
  • The Production of 3-D Stop-motion and 2-D hand drawn animation for multimedia and website production.
  • All facets of multimedia production, the original concept; artwork; animation; even the music and sound effects.
  • No job is too big or small. Whether it's a simple hand drawn cartoon for your web page, brochure or it's a TV Ad just give us a call on 02 4443 3662 or contact us on create@bunyanfilms.com.au


If you want to express an idea or promote your product in an exciting, creative and memorable way, just contact Bunyan Films and let our creations work for you.

The possibilities are endless let animation explore the realms of the imagination, or as many cliches as you like.

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 Stop-Motion is a time consuming craft demanding enormous artistic, technical and emotional skills to produce even a few minutes of finished film. The project could involve sculpting characters from clay, Machining steel for skeletal armatures, molding the armatures into foam rubber castings, assembling and dressing the final puppets, creating and constructing miniature sets and props, animating and manipulating each joint of each character one frame at a time. Often the Technique of clay animation can be employed, where characters, objects and props are made entirely from modeling clay (plasticine), seen in such work as the famous "The Wrong Trousers" by Nick Park. Stop-Motion can be traced back to the turn-of-the-century trick-film illusions of George Melies (Le Voyage dans la Lune - 1902) and J Stuart Blackton (Humorous Phases of Funny Faces - 1907) and their use of simple animated effects. Since then artists such as Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen (Jason and the Argonaughts, Clash of the Titans), to George Lucas's Star Wars and in 1994 with Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas, all used the Stop-Motion technique of film making to it's full potential.

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